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Chhota bheem -Rahul Gandhi hashtag

Chhota bheem – Rahul Gandhi: Rahul decided to watch Chhota Bheem Congress and BJP initiated a high-decibel war on Twitter today blaming each other for sharing clients’ information through their apps.The Congress and the BJP first blamed each other for joins with CA. At that point, throughout the end of the week, the Congress focused on the Prime… Read More »

Khichdi serial new season after 12 years -Watch Promo

Comedy Show Khichdi new season after 12 years -Watch Promo Khichdi serial new season after 12 years -Watch Promo Popular comedy TV show, Khichdi first premiered in the year 2002 is all set to make a comeback after 12 years.Affirming the news, performing artist JD Majethia (Himaaansu) released the principal promo today. The show will be aired from April 14… Read More »

How to get patanjali franchise of Divya Jal

How to get patanjali franchise of Divya Jal After making a huge market of his products Yoga guru Baba Ramdev is ready to launch ‘Nirmal Jal’ this summer.Patanjali Ayurved, which had a year ago announced that it will launch Divya Jal, has now begun the way toward welcoming distributorship for its bundled drinking water crosswise over key markets… Read More »

BeingAnAdultIn4Words hashtag

BeingAnAdultIn4Words Now #BeingAnAdultIn4Words is trending on twitter,let’s see how people tweeted about that. Nature Care Remedies has added more new remedies and more free video tutorials! If you want more? #BeingAnAdultIn4Words — LS Design Firm (@lsdesignfirm) March 23, 2018 #beinganadultin4words Never vote for Republicans. — D. Lowther (@1DLowther) March 23, 2018 #BeingAnAdultIn4Words the dream is dead… Read More »

Starbucks coffee about to start in Kolkata -StarbucksInKolkata

Starbucks coffee about to start in Kolkata -StarbucksInKolkata Great news for Kolkata #StarbucksIndia is now in Kolkata StarbucksInKolkata  As we can see in twitter ,Kolkatta people are happy with news.  So here you can see how people are welcoming starbuck in kolkata. photo credit: Hello Kolkata! Good conversations happen when we get together. Tag a friend & let… Read More »

DataChorCongress recent hashtag in twitter

DataChorCongress recent hashtag in twitter In recent news, people are uses #DataChorCongress on twitter. People do the different tweets related to Congress. Photo credit: Twitter so here are some tweets where #DataChorCongress have been used. This documentary was on national news channels in the UK. Their rule is simple : never fight an election on facts !! Evoke emotions,… Read More »

Aamir khan’s Mahabharata to be produced by Mukesh Ambani

Aamir’s Mahabharata to be produced by Mukesh Ambani photo credit: Aamir Khan will start working on his mega project Mahabharat after Thugs Of Hindostan.The most popular and successful Indian businessmen, Mukesh Ambani is reportedly going to co-produced  Aamir Khan’s ‘Maharabharata’-style magnum opus.The amir had before uncovered that making a film on ‘Mahabharata’ was his fantasy, something he… Read More »

Dispute between congress leader and IAS Officer in delhi surat flight

Dispute between congress leader and IAS Officer in delhi surat flight We recently got news about dispute between IAS officer Deepak Kumar and Congress leader Meghna Patel. This was happened in Delhi Surat flight. According to news surrounding people told that there is fault of IAS officer in dispute. He was misbehaving with congress leader. According to news,  The… Read More »

Vietnam famous ‘Bikini airline’ is about to start in India

Bikini Airline in INDIA VietJet Air, the low-cost Vietnam airline famous as ‘Bikini airline’ would soon initiate non-stop flight benefit in India.The airline will operate four flights every week starting in July this year.Vietjet reported the arrangement to associate India at the Vietnam– India Business Forum on the event of the 45th commemoration of India-Vietnam conciliatory relationship and… Read More »

EkSaalUPBehaal and EkSaalNaiMisaal- Yogi Adityanath Report card

EkSaalUPBehaal and EkSaalNaiMisaal- Yogi Adityanath  Report card Yogi Adityanath has been completed one year as a Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.A year is quite enough to assess Yogi’s execution. He has neglected to satisfy the greater part of his guarantees, wrongdoing is as yet uncontrolled, he keeps on playing disruptive legislative issues and the agrarian emergency proceeds. BJP’s choice… Read More »