Bigg Boss 11’s First Captain Disclosed

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Bigg Boss 11’s First Captain Disclosed

Big Boss 11's First Captain is Disclosed

A few days ago, Salman Khan launches a brand new season of Bigg Boss and it’s really epic! The Salman Khan’s presence in the first episode of Bigg Boss  got Colors a rating of 2.9 for the episode.The first episode of Bigg Boss 11 was high on suspense as people were not sure about the contestants till the last day.In the last episode of Bigg Boss 11, the first captain of the house disclosed. The battle of captaincy has done and the first captain of the house disclosed.

As in every season, This time also the first Bigg Boss 11 captaincy task was really interesting. In the last episode, we saw that team Arshi won the task and they became the contenders for captaincy task.

On the other side, Hiten failed in a task to guess the right ‘Acchi Rani’  so he misses the opportunity to contest for the captaincy task.

But, the game became more interesting when from Team Arshi, Puneesh and Vikas were selected to fight it out to become the first captain of the Big Boss 11 house.

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Now we will disclose the first captain of the BB house.Puneesh and Vikash were given the task and the winner was Vikas Gupta. Yes, the first captain of the house is Vikas Gupta.Vikas Gupta is an important name in the television industry, as he has worked for famous shows.Shilpa and Vikas share an unpleasant history.From the first episode of Big Boss 11 both fight with each other.Recently in the house, Hina commented on Vikas’ sexuality as she revealed that Priyank told her that Vikas is bi-sexual.

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All are now super excited to see the reaction of Shilpa Shinde. How will she irritate Vikas, the captain of the house? Under the captaincy of Vikash what will happen?

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Too much of excitement having, for watching new Drama among contestant. Give us comments in a box that what do you feel about this season Big Boss.

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