EkSaalUPBehaal and EkSaalNaiMisaal- Yogi Adityanath Report card

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EkSaalUPBehaal and EkSaalNaiMisaal- Yogi Adityanath  Report card

Yogi Adityanath has been completed one year as a Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.A year is quite enough to assess Yogi’s execution. He has neglected to satisfy the greater part of his guarantees, wrongdoing is as yet uncontrolled, he keeps on playing disruptive legislative issues and the agrarian emergency proceeds.

BJP’s choice to select Yogi as CM suits both Modi and Amit Shah. He is the Hindu mascot of BJP in an ochre robe and is likewise the leader of a sanctuary. He effectively takes in decision crusades around the nation. He won’t have attracted swarms Kerala, Bengaluru or Gujarat, however, has figured out how to win features much to the joy of the BJP administration.

It has apparently turned out to be normal for Yogi Adityanath to proclaim a due date for a plan and after that broaden it in light of the fact that the administration neglects to meet it.

At the time of the election campaign, he had promised to provide laptops to students.But after a year the UP government has not fulfilled the promise and the government also fails in providing Garibi Kalyan Card for the poor.

Now Twitter is criticising with hashtag EkSaalUPBehaal

Here are some of the tweets

Where in another side some of the other people admiring government work.

Here are some of the tweets

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Yogi Adityanath Report card


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